Your Smile Is A Message

woman smiling in yellow with bright white teeth

Your Smile Is A Message

The Social Aspect of a Smile

94% of people say the first thing they notice when they first meet someone is their smile. This was voted more important than other features such as a person’s height, figure or clothing.

When you smile, you are giving off a contagious aura. You are conveying to everyone around you a sense of confidence, happiness and people are intrigued to find out more about you. Smiling allows people to feel open about approaching you, offering a long lasting initial impression.

Here Are 3 Social Environment’s Where Smiling Makes A Big Difference:

1. Job Interviews

Your smile can make or break your prospects of success. A happy smile, makes a great first impression, suggesting confidence and an open personality, multiplying your suitability and experience for the job.

2. On Your First Date

A person notices your smile first. When you smile, you give off an aura of friendship and love. Smiling activates both you and your date’s reward system 😜

3. At Social Gatherings

When you smile, naturally the other person will smile back at you. This sends messages of comfort and good aura, activating both reward systems, creating a shared level of pleasure. Your smile suggests a level of openness and people are are more likely to approach you to begin a conversation.

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