When Should I Clean My Tongue?

when should i clean my tongue

When Should I Clean My Tongue?

Should you clean your tongue before or after brushing?

It is recommended to clean your tongue after brushing your teeth. You can also scrape your tongue with a JiBee tongue cleaner before rinsing, this will use the toothpaste residue giving it that extra minty taste!

Should you scrape your tongue in the morning or night?

We recommend that tongue cleaning is built into your daily oral health routine. This would include flossing/interdental cleaning, brushing and then cleaning your tongue. This means tongue cleaning should be practiced both, in the morning and night. Using a tongue cleaner before bedtime can help to remove food debris, which can help to reduce “morning breath” when you wake up!

Should I clean my tongue after every meal?

Bacteria and debris builds up when we eat and drink. Cleaning your tongue can help to remove the debris and bacteria from you the crypts of your tongue, this reduces bad breath throughout the day. People usually wash food debris down with a glass of water after eating, but, preferably it is better to use a tongue cleaner.

How long should I clean my tongue for?

The JiBee tongue cleaner has been designed by dentists with a perfect active area for the average tongue, meaning that only a few scrapes are required before coatings are visibly disappeared. This usually takes less than 60seconds, if practiced consistently.

What are the benefits of cleaning my tongue?

There are many benefits of cleaning your tongue. This includes removing harmful bacteria and bad breath, fighting gum disease as well as improving taste. Find out more here on the benefits of using a tongue cleaner.

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