Tongue Cleaning. Is it a thing?

woman looking in the mirror sticking her tongue out and wink after cleaning her tongue

Tongue Cleaning. Is it a thing?

Tongue Cleaning. Is it a thing? (Part 1)


What a question. Tongue cleaning. As dentists and pharmacists, asking this question yields some interesting responses, facial reactions and most importantly, questions. The first question is ‘why clean your tongue?’ and it’s very simple. It reduces bad breath and most importantly, reduces the risk of gum disease. Our patients and customers typically report that it improves their overall oral health and most importantly, the cleanliness of their mouth including their tongue.

At an exhibition recently, we quizzed several delegates about their experiences with tongue cleaning and the responses were varied but showed a trend. The trend very clearly was that the delegates either did not consider cleaning their tongue, would use their toothbrush after brushing their teeth and the third option which was probably the more alarming was that they didn’t believe they needed to!

On the surface on the tongue, a layer of bacteria builds up and is visible as a white layer. This layer can harbour bacteria and contribute to an increased risk of gum disease and contribute to bad breath, commonly known as halitosis. Scraping this layer off the tongue, using a JiBee Tongue Cleaner is the most effective way to keep your tongue clean.


What is a JiBee Tongue Cleaner?

The JiBee, is a tongue cleaning product which is designed to scrape the surface of the tongue. The cleaner is designed by dentists to ensures that the right amount of bacteria is scraped off the tongue, without damaging the overall surface. The design has been innovated and modified by our dentists and is widely used by dental professionals, clinicians, patients and customers all across the UK. Our JiBee’s are even used across Europe, USA & UAE!

So, back to the overall question. Is tongue cleaning really a thing. Yes, it absolutely is. Dr Viren Vithlani, our co-founder, and a specialist periodontist presented his answer to this question at Look Good Live 2022 and we’ll be sharing more about this in subsequent blogs. Ultimately, tongue cleaning really is a thing and certainly something that everyone should be practicing.


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