Stick Your Tongue Out Day: 19th July 2022

stick your tongue out day

Stick Your Tongue Out Day: 19th July 2022

On the 19th July, many dentists, hygienists, and practices are partnering with us at MyMouth to help raise the awareness of tongue cleaning, to introduce cleaning your tongue to the public’s oral health routine.

Do you clean your tongue?

Did you know that only 30% of people in the UK clean their tongue? This is a shocking statistic given the number of benefits this has on your oral health and general health. Your tongue is one of the largest areas in the mouth that can attain bacteria, and this bacteria can hide behind taste buds and crevices unless scraped away.

Why should I clean my tongue?

• Reduces bad breath
• Fights gum disease
• Improves sense of taste
• Removes harmful bacteria
• Improves gut health

What is Mask Breath?

Have you noticed an increase in bad breath with the increasing use of face masks? This is Mask Breath. With cases of COVID increasing, more and more people have started to wear face masks again, and the number of people suffering from halitosis (bad breath) has increased with this.

How does Mask Breath occur?

Wearing a mask for a long period can change the way you breathe because it covers both your nose and your mouth. To feel like you are getting more air, people may begin to breathe through their mouths more than usual, leading to dry mouth which causes bad breath and cavities.

Wearing a mask also forces you to breathe in some of the air you exhale, which means you are breathing in some of the bacteria you just exhaled, which can increase the bacteria in your mouth.

Most odour occurring bacteria lives on your tongue which can be removed by ‘scraping’ your tongue.

dental hygienists promoting mymouths jibee tongue cleaner for stick your tongue out day

How often should I scrape my tongue?

You should clean your tongue as part of your daily oral health routine. We recommend that you clean your tongue after each time you brush your teeth.

What is the JiBee tongue cleaner?

The JiBee’s origin comes from ancient Ayurvedic practices, where cleaning your tongue was seen as an essential part of a healthy daily routine. The word JiBee, means ‘tongue cleaner’ in ancient Sanskrit, and even today in India a JiBee has its place in every household.

The JiBee is designed by dentists and MyMouth’s very own Specialist Periodontist. It has a perfectly designed active area providing a comfortable scrape on your tongue. Soft silicone grip handles that add to the comfort reducing any gag reflex that may occur usually with other tongue scrapers.

The JiBee is available in four vibrant colours: Cerise, Slate Grey, Tangerine, and Sky Blue.

Take advantage of our Stick Your Tongue Out Day deal HERE with 20% off your JiBee with code “STICKYOURTONGUEOUT” – offer ending 20th July 2022.

Don’t forget to upload a selfie sticking your tongue out on Instagram and tag us @mymouthofficial! 😜

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