National Kissing Month

National Kissing Month, woman with bright lipstick kissing the screen

National Kissing Month

National Kissing Month

February is a month known for many things, in particular Valentine’s Day. As part of this, MyMouth are raising awareness of oral health especially while kissing…. So you can be prepared come 14th February.

What are the Risks of Kissing on Oral Health

Did you know, in an average kiss lasting 10 seconds, a massive 80 million bacteria can be transferred mouth to mouth? Risks can include swapping of saliva – this can lead to catching contagious illnesses such as colds, herpes or harmful bacteria. This is why it is so important to maintain an effective and consistent oral health routine!

Kissing and the Benefits it has on Oral Health

Despite the risks, there are also many benefits associated with kissing. A benefit of kissing is that it can increase salivary flow – saliva is imperative to our oral health and why it is so important here. Another benefit is that kissing can lead to an increase exposure to germs, enhances your chances to immunity and immune system!

The Power of a Smile

A smile can make a great first impression, especially as 94% of people say that a smile is the first features a person would notice. A smile is contagious, conveying a message of confidence, happiness and people are intrigued to find out more about you. People feel more open about approaching you, creating a long-lasting impression. When you are with your partner it can deliver a message of love, activating both yours and your partners reward system.

So, if you’re going on a date with your partner this Valentine’s Day – be sure to smile 😋.

Avoid Smelly Foods

If you plan on making things steamy this Valentine’s Day, be sure to avoid eating smelly foods 48 hours before the big day. Examples of smelly foods include garlic, onion, dairy and fish. However, if you can’t resist; mouthwash can provide an instant freshness, while sugar free gum can help to fight bad breath as well as helping to fight bacteria.

Clean your tongue to improve that “first kiss”

Cleaning your tongue has many oral health benefits. Your tongue is the largest area in your mouth that can collect bacteria. Bacteria, in addition to food particles and can linger on our tongues and hide underneath the crypts of our tongue, which can lead to bad breath. Cleaning your tongue can help to remove these particles, helping to fight bad breath, preparing you more for that first kiss. Get your award-winning JiBee tongue cleaner here.

As you can see, a good oral health routine is significant when it comes to kissing but also in general life. Having a good, consistent regime can help to fight gum disease, reduce bad breath, remove harmful bacteria and much more. Upgrade your oral regime here!

Whether or not you have any plans this Valentines, be sure to maintain a healthy oral health regime!

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