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The JiBee Tongue Cleaner originates from ancient Ayurvedic practices, where the routine of cleaning your tongue was seen as an essential part of a healthy daily routine for general health as well as oral health. This still stands true today. The word JiBee, means tongue cleaner in Sanskrit language from thousands of years ago, and even today in India a JiBee has its place in every household. It’s the perfect product to help fight bad breath, gum disease and discoloured tongue.

Improves appearance

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Improves sense of taste

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Reduces bad breath

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Gives you that sense of confidence

Try this comfortable, smooth and colourful JiBee tongue scraper, to clean your tongue and impress your dentist (or maybe your partner when that bad breath goes away)!


Emerging from Ayurvedic philosophy, which sees the tongue as the window to the state of the body, tongue cleaning is encouraged as part of one’s daily cleaning routine to maintain the body’s health. Tongue cleaning has been used since antiquity and is still performed by natives of Africa, Arabia, India and South America. There, hygiene of the tongue has been acknowledged as an important part of oral hygiene and many ancient religions emphasised this practice as a key step in cleanliness of the entire mouth.

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Tongue scraping, and tongue brushing have been practiced for hundreds of years, but they are still little appreciated or used by the public in western countries. Tongue cleaning is a simple and fast procedure that helps remove organisms and debris from the tongue. When tongue cleaning is practiced on a daily basis, the process becomes easier and, eventually, the person feels unclean when tongue debris has not been removed. In the last decades, the tongue has been neglected because of the need to concentrate on the protection and treatment of the teeth and their supporting structures. Have you tried other ways to clean your tongue and hated it?

Learn more about how we celebrated Stick Your Tongue Out Day in 2023 here
where hundreds of dental professionals joined us to raise awareness of tongue cleaning.

Available in four vibrant colours…

So Do You JiBee?

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