Does Tongue Scraping Improve Taste?

does tongue cleaning improve taste

Does Tongue Scraping Improve Taste?

Does tongue cleaning affect taste buds?

Your tongue is covered in thousands of tiny tastebuds, each one responsible for helping you to enjoy the taste of your favourite foods. Using a JiBee to clean your tongue helps to remove bacteria and debris off your taste buds. Removing this layer of bacteria allows for better contact between taste buds and food/drink, creating better taste. This increases your palate sensitivity, meaning you can enjoy your meals even more! Studies have also shown that cleaning your tongue, enhances your taste. Check out JiBee tongue cleaner here.

How many taste buds do I have?

The average human has around 10,000 taste buds, while infants have around 30,000 taste buds around their mouth. As we age, the number of taste buds generally tends to reduce or begin to diminish or shrink.

Tongue Scraping and COVID

Many people develop loss of taste symptoms while having COVID-19. One research paper in 2020 suggested the misuse of dental hygiene can cause the transmission of COVID in affected people. The virus is present in the mouth, mainly on the tongue, and cleaning your tongue can help reduce the transmission of the spread (RDH, 2022).

Tongue Scraping and Viruses

Cleaning your tongue does not only help to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, but also can help to reduce the transmission of other viruses.

Where can I get a tongue cleaner from?

MyMouth have developed JiBee Tongue Cleaner – it is designed by dentists and healthcare professionals. The JiBee has a soft Silicone Grip handle to enhance comfort and perfectly designed active area to clean your tongue. The JiBee is used and recommended by many dentists and hygienists across the UK and is stocked in many dental practices, pharmacies and stores!

Get your JiBee tongue cleaner here…

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