jibee tongue cleaner clipped tongue leaning against a plant and towel

Sarah X JiBee

slate grey jibee tongue cleaner clipped tongue on a plant and green towel


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JiBee - Tongue Cleaner

JiBee - Tongue Cleaner

The JiBee’s origin comes from ancient Ayurvedic practices, where the routine of cleaning your tongue was seen as an essential part of a healthy daily routine for general health as well as oral health. This still stands true today. The word JiBee, means tongue cleaner in Sanskrit language from thousands of years ago, and even today in India a JiBee has its place in every household.

Improves appearance

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Improves sense of taste

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Reduces bad breath

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Gives you that sense of confidence

Try this comfortable, smooth and colourful JiBee, to clean your tongue and impress your dentist (or maybe your partner when that bad breath goes away)!

So Do You JiBee?

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