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About Us

Who Are MyMouth?

MyMouth, an award winning eco-friendly oral health brand was founded by Dr Sameet, Dr Viren, Dr Upen, Mital & Nishal, a close family company with a simple vision of education to improve oral health whilst changing consumer habits to make our world a better place!

Why Choose MyMouth?

Inspired by family traditions of giving back, MyMouth was founded to create a company that focused on education; changing consumer habits to improve oral health, general health and well-being in a sustainable way. With their experience in dentistry, and with a specialist periodontist behind them, they were perfectly positioned to design a product range developed by, used by and supported by dentists. We very quickly realised our vision to being one of the leading brands to combine great quality with products that are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable with fantastic education to improve our customers oral health and wellbeing.

Our Aim

MyMouth has been developed with family traditions in mind, our manufacturers, partners and suppliers have been carefully selected by working with the following principles in mind:

Being socially and ethically responsible


Any suppliers and manufacturers that we use should understand our goal of being sustainable and protecting our environment. With like-minded companies who focus their own business activity in this way we can make small changes together to deliver a better tomorrow.

Promote Local


By using local businesses for most our processes we can support the growth of the communities around us, securing employment and supporting the local communities they serve.

Modern Thinking


Working with businesses and individuals who promote innovate and have a forward-thinking mindset.

We believe we can all make small changes to our daily routines to improve our oral health whilst protecting our planet and helping each other. Our aim is to do this by developing and providing products that reduce the risk of disease, improve general health and providing more sustainable alternatives. Together with your support we can help to change the oral health industry to offer an eco-friendlier solution with greater education which will benefit the health and wellbeing of customers across the globe.

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